AHSEF 2021 Q3 Updates

The AHSEF Academic Scholarship will be disbursing $1,800 to the following top students in forms 1-3 for their academic performance.

The 2021 Q3 end of quarter fund balances are as follows.

The full 2021 Q3 Vanguard statement is available at https://www.ahsef.org/financial/vanguard-20210930.pdf

Gift checks can be sent directly to Vanguard at the address below. They should be made payable to: AHSEF, Fund # 724, Account # 88080604891

Vanguard, 455 Devon Park Drive, Wayne, PA 19087-1815

Gifts can also be sent through Paypal using the link below. Please note Paypal charges a 2.2% transaction fee. Paypal Link

Tanvir Sharif, Livingstone, 1994, AHSEF Treasurer, treasurer@ahsef.org, http://www.ahsef.org