The Alliance High School Endowment Fund(AHSEF) is a US 501(3)(c) charitable organization that was founded to promote academic and overall student excellence at Alliance High School, Kenya.

AHSEF has two funds, the Academic Scholarship Fund and the Sports Directed Fund. The Academic Scholarship Fund awards scholarships to students based on academic merit. The Sports Directed Fund provides financial support for various team sports at Alliance High School in the spirit of encouraging students to excel in academics and sports. Since its founding, AHSEF has awarded $13,400 in academic scholarships and $2,000 in sports disbursements.

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2015 Academic Scholarship Recipient - Samuel Otieno Gariy
2016 Academic Scholarship Recipient - Njoroge Melvin Baraka
2017 Academic Scholarship Recipients
2018 Academic Scholarship Recipients
2019 Scholarship Recipients - Troon Amani Nandoya, Nderitu Simon Gitonga and Njiru Nixon Njeru
2016 Rugby Sponsorship
2018 Rugby Sponsorship