AHSEF 2021 Q1 Updates

The Sports Endowment fund provided $2,000 to upgrade the volleyball courts. The Academic Endowment fund did not disburse any money due to the disruption caused by the pandemic.

The AHSEF fund has had a rate of return of 6.7% since its inception in 2014 as shown below.

Fund performance

The 2021 Q1 end of quarter fund balances are as follows.

The full 2020 Q1 Vanguard statement is available at link

Gift checks can be sent directly to Vanguard at the address below. They should be made payable to: AHSEF, Fund # 724, Account # 88080604891

Vanguard, 455 Devon Park Drive, Wayne, PA 19087-1815

Gifts can also be sent through Paypal using the link below. Please note Paypal charges a 2.2% transaction fee. Paypal

Tanvir Sharif,
Livingstone, 1994,
AHSEF Treasurer,