2020 Note To Supporters

The Alliance High School Endowment Fund achieved an important milestone this year, it crossed $100,000 / Ksh 11,142,166 in endowed funds. Thank you very much for the support, without all of your contributions it would not have been possible to achieve this.

In 2020, the AHSEF Board awarded 3 scholarships worth Kshs 50,000 each to the following students, Wambugu Ambrose, Troon Amiani and Kingori Dennis. The board will be awarding $1800 / Ksh 200,522 in academic merit scholarships and contributing $1200 / Ksh 133, 698 towards refurbishment of the volleyball courts next year.

The board is also working on awarding need-based scholarships to students given that there are a number of students who are not able to meet the cost of attending Alliance High School.

If you would like to contribute to the fund, you can do so through cheque, payroll deduction or Paypal. See this page for the details.

Happy holidays!

Miano Njoka, Smith 20B, Secretary AHSEF.
Tanvir Sharif, Livingstone 1, Treasurer, AHSEF.
Jacob Sitati, Grieve 14B, President, AHSEF.