Request for feedback

The Alliance High School Endowment Fund, which, is wholly funded by alumni contributions is approaching a milestone of $100,000 invested at Vanguard. We are currently at $99,516.64 / KShs 10,777,429. Since 2015 we have done $2,000 / KShs 216,000 in sports disbursements (hockey, rugby and volleyball) and awarded $13,400 / KShs 1,4451,190 in merit scholarships to 26 students.

We have used a simple approach to award the scholarships - merit. However, we are now thinking of other ways we can contribute towards student life in general and academic success. We are conscious of the fact that our template for AHSEF was based on our experiences here in the US through our Colleges and Universities. So, we are soliciting ideas that we can consider that will enable us to continue supporting student success.

A few points to keep in mind as you think about this:

If you have any suggestions on how we can impact student life at AHS in a meaningful and sustainable way, please send your suggestions to